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We are professional’s licensed and fully insured Security Consultancy Company.

Our guarantee to you is that we are competent security firm that understand the importance of security and its dynamics and we are committed to get the work done right.


UGOROSS  Consultancy LTD is Nigeria base. Headquarter is located in FCT Abuja. We are specialized and skillful security analyst / consultants that listen to you to understand the situations and recommend the best security methods and proactive measures to mitigate the security challenge. We render services to private and public individuals, Homes,  institutions, offices, cooperation’s, estates, plaza etc.

Our teams are credible highly trained professionals with rock solid experience in the industry. We strive for excellence to Assist, help and serve our clients.

Our commitment to you is extremely important to us. Our excellent services distinguish us from other private security/ consultancy agencies. Not just that we strive for quality we appreciate our clients and the trust they put in us.  Your needs are important to us, so does your satisfaction with our services.  We aim to give you affordable and reliable services.

With our training, testing and outstanding achievement we are raising the bar in the private security consultancy sector.

Weather uniformed, executive or patrol, etc…, we provide the best quality and professional services. Our staffs are analysts in criminology, criminal profiling, risk assessment and evaluation. They are also specialist in the use of UAV Drones, flashlight, defense equipment, physical digital cameras, notepad and pens, two-way radios, pepper sprays, batons etc for effective protection of the client.

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Our Mission

Is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


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We are diligent with prompt timing.


Best Service

Expert hands will deliver excellence.



Years of experience will assure 100% on projects.


Our Vision

Be well ranked amongst global security companies.

Cameras & Security Systems

Experience, Expertise and Honesty

With hundreds & Thousands of sales and service centers across the world, UGOROSS has achieved a distinguished name in security & surveillance industry within a few years.


HD Night Vision


3600 Coverage


Motion Tracker

Installation Video
Various Camera Systems Available

Wireless CCTV systems to smart analytic CCTV, and from burglar alarms to remote video monitoring, SSAIB-regulated 24-7 CCTV Security Ltd protects businesses and homes.

We are committed in providing highest quality of security and protection services to individuals, public and private residents, institutions, offices, plaza, estates, events etc.  Within any part of Nigeria.

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We offer the best security service throughout Nigeria and our prices are competitive. Our team are well trained , carefully selected among the best of the best.


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